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An important part of software quality is the process of testing and validating the software. It is the role of test management to ensure that new or modified service products meet the business requirements for which they have been developed or enhanced.

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Software testing

can be very costly. Automation is a good way to cut down time and cost. Software testing tools and techniques usually suffer from a lack of generic applicability and scalability. The reason is straight-forward. In order to automate the process, we have to have some ways to generate oracles from the specification, and generate test cases to test the target software against the oracles to decide their correctness. Today we still don't have a full-scale system that has achieved this goal. In general, significant amount of human intervention is still needed in testing. The degree of automation  remains at the automated test script level.

Our Test services:

Test Management
Test Engineering
Test Consultancy
Test Analysis

ITEST4U Test Services has the capabilities to support analysis and testing throughout the software lifecycle, from early requirements analysis through operational use are being pursued, as well as extending specification-based testing techniques to be applicable at the level of software architecture.
Software projects continue becoming larger and more complex.

Software projects have become increasingly mission-critical to companies and in many industries are at the heart of a company’s competitive advantage over rivals.


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